History of Technology at the TUM and in Munich

The History of Technology subject area’s main focus is the investigation of the intellectual and social dimensions of technology from a historical perspective. The issue at stake here is that any technology, if it is to succeed, must be designed to espouse the cultural and historical background of a society. This presupposes an understanding of this society and the historical transformation processes in which it is permanently involved. Thus, our primary mission is to cultivate this insight within the engineering and natural sciences curricula at the Technische Universität München.

In order to do so, the History of Technology subject area builds a variety of bridges between engineering and the natural sciences on the one hand and the humanities and social sciences on the other –be it in the interdisciplinary classes offered at the Technische Universität, in joint research projects with research institutes based in and around Munich, not to mention nationwide or European research cooperation.

If these activities can be carried out successfully, it is only thanks to long-term cooperation within the fertile scientific arena in Munich as well as with national and international partner institutions. The umbrella organisation for these research activities is the Munich Center for the History of Science and Technology that brings together academic and museum-related institutions devoted to the history of science, medicine and technology. The large interuniversity research centre linking these domains is located at the Deutsches Museum. It is on these stimulating and historic premises that the History of Technology subject area is also housed.

Furthermore, since 2012, the subject area is part ot the > Munich Center for Technology in Society (MCTS) where it is conducting research together with the social sciences as well as the engineering sciences on technology and society.